Collagen Liquid for Skin (900ml)

Collagen Liquid for Skin (900ml)

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Some 25% to 35% of the protein in the human... see more


Some 25% to 35% of the protein in the human body comprises collagen. Of this, the skin is the human body's largest and heaviest organ and collagen comprises some 80% of the skin's dry weight. The skin is known to be adversely affected by ageing, hormones, nutrition and ultraviolet radiation. Over time our natural ability to replenish or synthesise the levels of collagen falls (for example, during the first five years following the onset of the menopause some 30% of skin collagen is lost). Visible signs of skin ageing are the result.

The 'Xenca Collagen Liquid for Skin' drink, containing the collagen hydrolysate 'VerisolTM' (the primary active ingredient in Xenca Collagen for Skin), is a premium, pure, top quality product developed specifically to improve the condition of your skin. A daily dose or drink of VerisolTM naturally stimulates the skin's natural dermis metabolism, promoting collagen synthesis and regeneration. Over time, some of the visible effects that may be seen include; delays to the obvious signs of skin ageing, production of firmer and smoother skin, increase in skin hydration/moisture levels, prevention of some new fine lines and wrinkles and improvement in skin elasticity. It is suitable for women and men who are willing to invest in their physical well-being and appearance.